These are the reasons for my candor and the lengthy manner in which I typically answer interview questions.
1. I speak candidly about many subjects from the breast of my life experience thus far because I have always aimed to make informal and discussable all subjects which constitute a healthy life journey. There are too many subjects which are viewed as taboo, and therefore go unanswered when there are people who genuinely require information on that subject matter. This has improved somewhat due to the internet, as folks can search about practically anything online. However, there is nothing like having a human being one can see and relate to, as opposed to anonymous voices, being honest about the reality of their life journey. A genuine question which goes answered is also an opportunity for ignorance to be quenched, missed. I use the word “ignorance” in it’s purest sense to mean “to not know”. I believe every subject pertaining to the human experience should be on the table for discussion. Discussion is how we hear the views of others, debate them using reason and arrive at ethical and or better ways of enhancing the human experience.
2. I am also going to answer all these questions candidly because I have lived an extraordinary life of suffering. Simply by reading my answers, there are those who are living an “ordinary” life who will recognize how extraordinary blessed they are. Having an average childhood, average parents, average siblings, an average I.Q. and being of average health are magnificent blessings for which many would wish to have had a small taste.
3. My answers may trigger compassion in those who have a better than average life to be less judgmental about others. It is easy to criticize how dumb many people are. It is easy to ignore that had they had half of what you had, they might have turned out ten times better. Everyone has a back-story. The back-story doesn’t justify poor behaviour, it simply makes us a little more patient with those who will take longer to learn and kinder to those that need a helping hand.
4. A lot of my writing is for the lost voices who for one reason or another are suffering from mental or physical health issues. I hope my life story, my work, my writing (including my poetry), will give them A) A sense of hope that they can overcome. B) To understand the importance of regular conversation with trusted loved ones about their challenges so they do not become isolated in their struggles, which would breed an environment rich for mental illness. C) To know that there is no shame in asking for professional help as some personal struggles simply cannot and should not go without professional attention.
5. My detailed answers will help some people understand that there is nothing special about me or any human being in the public light. Because I began public life at an unusually early age, I have seen that glint in many people’s eyes that give away their awe of me. As a child, a youth and an adult, I have always been quick to extinguish that glint to ensure that my admirers understood that there is nothing special about me and nothing unusual about their human experience. I make my humanity clear because people need to stop glorifying public figures. We are all in this thing called life together. No one is immune from great success or great pain. I have always kept it real and I will continue to take myself off any pedestal I am given. I am superior to no one, I am inferior to no one, I am equal to every one. My life is not more important or special than anyone in relevance or value. The only extraordinary thing about me is the amount of my suffering.
6. The last reason for my candidness is because I know that there will be some people who will not read by books, but who will research me online. This FAQ will give them a good idea of what I am about. It is my desire that on every page of my website, there is a least one thing which will be a blessing to someone. It is for this same reason that I designed my humanitarian logos – So if there are even people who visit my website who don’t like reading, they will benefit from the visual of the causes I support and believe in.


By the author of the comedy autobiography "Mum Knows Best" Veena Nankani - Life Coach, Nutritionist, Motivational Speaker, Writer, Poet, Professional Reviewer and Entrepreneur.
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