“I see you” by Veena Nankani

Dedicated to those I was privileged to mother for varying lengths of time.
Also dedicated to those in the foster care system, the adoption system and those who had traumatic childhoods.
I see you
I see you
I see you
I see you.
I know your road has not always been easy
I know that sometimes you had to pretend
I know your challenge is not over yet
I know that this will take some time
I see you.
I can’t change your past
I can’t take the pain away
I can help you in the present
We can move into your future
I won’t betray your trust
I see you.
We will work through this together
You will be okay in time
I will help you to recover
Do you know how much you are helping me – Just by being you?
In showing me your vulnerability, you are showing me myself
We’ll figure out the details
I see you.
I can see beyond what you project
I know that you are scared
I know that others let you down
But I will keep my word
Do not be afraid
I will earn your trust
But start off with some faith in me
I see you.
We will cry together
We will smile together
We will laugh together
One day we will dance together 
I see you.
You can be yourself
I already see your heart
You are truly beautiful
I can see your shine
Come out from your hiding
It is safe now
I see you.
I’ve got you
Just be you
I want you
Only you
All of you
The real you
I love you.
I see you my love, I see you.
To those that foster and adopt with love – You are my personal heroes.
Adoption is not a last resort for the barren. It is a conscious choice to go out and find your children. Let us open up our hearts and our homes to the families we choose.


By the author of the comedy autobiography "Mum Knows Best" Veena Nankani - Life Coach, Nutritionist, Motivational Speaker, Writer, Poet, Professional Reviewer and Entrepreneur. www.veenanankani.com
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