“I am the best” by Veena Nankani

A poem about the validity and celebration of all career paths. 
I am the best
I am the one with an S on my chest
I serve people food so I can feed my children
I am the greatest
Yes, I am a waitress.
I am the best
I am the one with an S on my chest
I can bring sunshine to your mind through my arrangement of your spaces
I am a painter, decorator and designer
Yes, I am the greatest.
I can break things, I can melt things
I can mould things, I can fix things
I can breeze blocks, I can pipe things
Need another room, an extension, no problem
Need a third floor, loft conversions yes I solve them
I am builder
Yes, I am greatest.
Give me a sport and tell me I can’t do it
Give me bicycle and I will Tour de France it
Give me some shorts and I will swim like a dolphin
Give me a track and I’ll supersonic speed it
I have the pride of a lion, the eye of a tiger 
The speed of a cheetah, the cool of a panther
Triathlon athlete
Yes, I am the greatest.
I can pop it and lock it and I can drop like it’s hot
Lyrical, jazz, swing, tap, I can do the lot
I can strut with a vogue you ain’t ever seen before
I can tut with my fingers make you drop your jaw
I can moonwalk until you see the stars
Grab my cap and I b-girl until I shine the floor
Make an S with my legs, flip and jump into a split
I am a krumper, yes I can tango
Of course I can samba, the best at azonto
I am dancer
Yes, I am the greatest.
I lick shots, make the beat drop
I do pop, rnb, even hip hop
My lyrics so sick, you will think I blew my nose on it
My words so deep they are concrete
My similes’ quick, if you blink you will miss it
I am a writer, I am a lyricist, 
I wrote all of this 
I am a poet, 
Yes, I am the greatest.
Kum cha, kum cha
Kum cha kum-cha-cha kum
Psssssss-ta, high hat baby
Psssssss-ta, I’mma drive you crazy
Tatta-kumkum, tatta-kumkum
Rattu rattu ta pa pa pa
I am amazing
I am a drummer 
Yes, I am the greatest.
(Whatever your passion, whatever your skill, whatever you talent, focus on that and fly. Parents, encourage the natural skills, talents and interests of your children – academic intelligence is not the only type of intelligence worthy of attention and respect.)


By the author of the comedy autobiography "Mum Knows Best" Veena Nankani - Life Coach, Nutritionist, Motivational Speaker, Writer, Poet, Professional Reviewer and Entrepreneur. www.veenanankani.com
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