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I am all about promoting the arts and creativity. If you have written poetry, done anything creative like make a video, and you would like to have displayed on www.veenanankani.com, please send an email to veena.nankani@ymail.com. This is not a guarantee that your work will be displayed on this website. All submissions are subject to approval. Please do not submit any content of a religious or vulgar nature. Thank you.


I have Lupus, Rheumatoid arthritis and Fibromyalgia. One of the things that has helped me cope with the challenges of my health is my sense of humour. I simply love to laugh. I will laugh at anything funny, including laughing at myself.
I had a medical crisis just before my mid-twenties which left me in and out of consciousness for the better part of two years. The first two years after I woke and remained awake continuously were spent intensively on rehabilitation in everyday activities such as eating, walking, talking, reading and writing. I began writing books meant for publication in my early twenties, before my medical crisis. From February 2002 until the last week in March 2014 I did not write a single creative thing, nor did I add any words to the books I had previously started. When I recovered from my medical crisis and resumed my life, my focus was my financial survival and the mental and physical health of the children that came my way. It is now June 2014, it has been twelve years since I stopped writing. I am now in month three of my writing career in which I have written and published “Mum Knows Best” and a series of short poems online which I just wrote today.
I wrote nine poems today:
“Did you?”
“Own up”
“Join the symphony”
“I see you”
“Aren’t you glad?”
“Our Leaders”
I hope you enjoy my blogs. I’m sure the pace will slow down soon, but for now I can’t seem to stop writing.


As well as providing updates on my work and sharing messages with my fans, this blog is dedicated to sharing Inspirational, Motivational, Empowering, Ethical, Thought-provoking Messages. I am passionate about all that uplifts the human spirit, promotes mental and physical health, stimulates success and celebrates the wonders of the universe, our planet and our humanity.
You are welcome to post messages on my page which fit with the aforementioned objectives.
Posts of a humorous nature are welcome.
Please do not post religious messages on this account. I do not want to exclude the non-religious from here.
Please do not post anything of a vulgar or insulting nature on this account. Although I am able to curse with the best of sailors, I want posts on this account to be family friendly and be readable by all age groups.
Thank you.


I have began the next phase of my life as a writer. I write about that which heals the soul, inspires the mind, evokes joy and promotes mental health, physical health, human rights, peace, compassion and kindness. I have always admired those that write with beautiful detail that intrigue and draw you into the world they paint with colourful language. I am not such a writer. My mother calls my writing “factual poetry”, because I am very direct and use just a tinge of poetry in my communication style. I doubt that I could ever write a fictional novel.
For the most part I have worked as what is now termed a “spiritual teacher”, motivational speaker and professional mentor. I don’t view my work as spiritual, I see it more as facilitating the process of optimizing human life experience through balancing mental and physical health. In essence I write about my perception of reality and the way I live my life. Although my previous work as a motivational speaker placed me in the public eye before I chose to focus full time on individual therapy, I am naturally quiet and a bit of a recluse. Despite the nature of my work, I do not take life too seriously. I am attracted to all things silly and all things funny – I love folly in humour.
The Modus Operandi with which I live my life is through the lens of science, reason, logic, ethics, human rights, compassion and gratitude.
This is just a small announcement that I am about to start writing, and I am about to start posting that which I write. So I am laying the foundation by introducing myself to those of you that don’t know me well and to the new friends I am about to make.


Hello there!
I’m Veena. Welcome to my website.
Have fun and explore my site, where you can read a little about me, see my gallery, read some of my writings and read about my latest book “Mum Knows Best – Witty conversations with my mother”.
Have a wonderful day!